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We asked our customers what matters the most to them when choosing a new boiler...

...what we hear is that it's not the brand, make or model of the boiler that's important, it's the whole installation and aftercare experience.

It's about being looked after, having someone to call if they have any concerns.

It's backing up our client during the extetended guarantee, even if the manufacturer tries to alter the terms of their warranties. 

Our 7 point guarantee is what sets us apart from other installation companies, we only work with the best brands, those  who support us to support their products and our clients, its the service our clients expect...

....And, it's in writing!

We're not only committed to our clients

We're committed to our team too. Whether it's customer service, IT skills or Technical updates, as a company we believe in growth, support and continual improvement.

This is how we Guarantee our client journey

We continue to improve and maintain the following three key area's while working with our clients.

1: Installation Quality

2: Customer Service

3: Aftercare Service

Please see the full guarantee below to fully understand the benefits and committment MJ Ryder offer to all their customers.

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Our 7 Point Guarantee


Installation Quality

1. Our quality guarantee means that you will be totally satisfied with your heating installation, this means that we will attend to any aspect of our installation work that you are not satisfied with free of charge or we will give you your money back.

2. Our workmanship guarantee covers you for the same period as the guarantee provided by the boiler manufacturer (up to 10 years in most cases), this means that if there is a problem resulting from poor workmanship during this period you would not be charged a labour fee for putting it right.

3. Our peace of mind guarantee also extends to the entire heating system (not just the parts we have worked on) for 12 months, this means that if any component on the heating system fails during this period you would not be charged a labour fee for us to return to replace or repair the defective item.

Customer Service


4. Our service guarantee ensures that you will have a positive experience while we are working

together, this means we will not be late without letting you know first, we will use dust sheets and shoe covers when working in your property and we will always leave your home clean & tidy at the end of every working day. If you are not completely satisfied, we will have your whole home professionally cleaned.

5. The quality of care for our clients along with the quality of our workmanship are our main priorities, this means you can expect polite, skilled, and uniformed engineers who will not use any part of your home or the facilities within it without seeking your permission first, guaranteed. If we get it wrong we say sorry with flowers.

Aftercare Service


6. As a client, you can also benefit from joining our low cost, established maintenance service. Heat Plan is already giving over 2,300 homeowners locally the peace of mind of knowing that they have engineers available to them every single day of the year guaranteed.


7. Our priority guarantee gives a same day/next day priority repair service to Heat Plan clients, this means that if you joined and we failed to deliver this level of service we would give you your next year’s cover for free.



Terms & Condition Apply - See attached our standard Terms of Business

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