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30 Vans being stolen every day - Van Theft Increasing In The UK

As tradespeople, we are travelling in our van to up to12 or more different houses, 5 days a week.

In our case at MJ Ryder, this is to fit and fix boilers and it really wouldn't be possible without our trusty vans.

For many years, they have become a plumber's sidekick.

And with so many other businesses now relying on vans to keep them afloat, we have to take a look at the rising threat of theft within the UK.

And that we are making sure that we are doing everything we can to not fall victim to these damaging crimes.

The latest van theft statistics paint an alarming picture for those of us who spend 40 hours or more a week relying on our vans to get ourselves and our tools back and forth from jobs, a lifeline for most tradespeople.

A study recently conducted found that van related crime is increasing rapidly within the UK. Resulting in a cost of £61.9 million in lost tools and other equipment since 2016.

And research conducted by 'Whatcar?' discovered that there was a distressing 8.21% increase in van theft from 2017 to 2018, the trend continuing through 2019.

Since 2016, there have been over 43,000 stolen vans. Working out at an average of 30 stolen vans PER DAY in the UK!

And a further 117.000 van thefts have taken place over the same period.

For so many, it would be virtually impossible to continue working without a van whether it be for the reason of cost or space for tools. Making it imperative to secure your vehicle and its contents when you're away from it.

90% of newer vans come with remote locking and 80% now come with a deadlock. Making it a bigger hassle for thieves and discouraging them.

However, it is shocking to find that only 42% are fitted with a security alarm and 5.5% can't even have one fitted. This lack of security in vans is surprising especially when considering the increased risk of van theft.

Although unfortunately too often even basic vehicle security such as alarms and locks aren't enough to deter thieves.

How you can discourage and deter van thieves as a tradesperson...

Below are examples of extra measures that you can take to guard your vehicles and deter thieves.

  • Parking your van in well-lit areas

  • Avoiding leaving your van in quiet or hidden areas

  • Removing all the contents from the vehicle at night

  • Considering DIY security such as lockboxes and alarms inside your vehicle

  • Sophisticated vehicle tracking systems

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