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The future of heating...

As part of the 2008 Climate Change Act, the UK has been committing to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and our countries plan to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 is going to be led by Hydrogen.

Hydrogen has long been hailed as a clean alternative to natural gas, and with the decarbonization of the global economy being one of our biggest challenges, it has been a massive project for the government to explore different ways that we can use Hydrogen.

As the UK plans to transition to net zero emissions - the benefits of using Hydrogen are very clear.

Hydrogen burns cleanly - producing only water when consumed, is an unlimited resource and reduces economic dependence on oil-producing countries, creating greater energy security. And Hydrogen can be distributed across the country using the existing gas mains infrastructure.

One of the government's projects to explore the many possible ways that we can use Hydrogen to fuel our future is the first homes to be completely powered by Hydrogen opening in Gateshead this month at a Northern Gas Networks site in Low Thornley.

In these homes Hydrogen will be used for domestic heating and cooking and fuelling appliances such as boilers, hobs, fires and cookers.

The homes are not intended to have any habitants but will have a lifespan of three to ten years and are going to be a great way to educate with schools and universities being invited for visits and with the homes being open to the public also it will be a way for people to understand where the future of heating is going and learning about potential careers in the emerging green economy!

For more information on this amazing project, take a look at the link below.

Northern gas networks - BP and Northern Gas Networks announce hydrogen collaboration

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