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Power Flushing in the Harrogate area

Power Flushing services in the Harrogate area by MJ Ryder Ltd

If your system is suffering from any of the following symptoms, then the answer could be a CLEARFLOW power flush.

The Symptoms

  • System is slow to warm up.
  • Some radiators are completely or partially cold.
  • Radiators need frequent bleeding.
  • Radiators water is dirty and discoloured.
  • Radiators have pin hole perforations and leakage.
  • Repeated pump failures.
Power flushing procedures carried out by Harrogate heating engineers

Any of the above systems are likely to mean that there is an issue with circulation and flow problems. This can result in internal corrosion and the formation of rust, sludge and scale deposits.

The Solution

A CLEARFLOW power flush can be the action you need to take to cure your circulation problems. Power flushing is a highly effective cleansing operation which works by pumping water at a much higher velocity than usual through the heating system, to loosen and mobilise harmful corrosion deposits, and to suspend them in the rapidly moving water. This process is made more effective by specialist cleansing chemicals and an instantaneous flow reversal device, which creates turbulence in the radiators to optimise the collection of debris.


Power Flushing is useful for:

Harrogate power flushing by MJ Ryder ltd
  • Curing flow and circulation issues.
  • Restoring system efficiency.
  • Restoring heat output to radiators.
  • Cleansing the heating system, including underfloor pipework.
  • Removing aggressive water and preventing further corrosion.
  • Curing or preventing boiler noise.
  • Minimising boiler warranty problems.

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